Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next up was when I decided to bake a proper cake with marshmallow fondant and all!! Turned out pretty good with the exceptions of a few tears in the fondant, never having taken a cake decorating course before I think the results were pretty decent. I had a friend of mine explain most of it step by step over the phone when I was at a troubled point!! LOL! It was great fun!

My first endeavor that I came across was a version of the famous custard tarts or Portuguese custard tarts. I was always picking up one whenever I visited the St. Lawrence Market in T.O.

Early rising

Ahh the calmness of an early Saturday morning......chill is in the air, sun is shining brightly, what to do?? So I decided to cruise the Internet for some dinner ideas for my weekly grocery list and thought what better time than now to update my blog!! I think this will satisfy a fellow blogger who has been asking me to put some past baking successes on my blog!

I decided to go through my abundance of pictures and see what I might have that would be blog worthy, so far not a heck of a lot but I'll put them up nonetheless. Enjoy!